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mnogoxxx 03-14-2017 03:10 PM

Psycho-Thrillers (PST) - Crazy Bitches 3
Psycho-Thrillers (PST) - Crazy Bitches 3

Psycho-Thrillers, PST, Fantasy Snuff, Groupie Victim, Celebrity Killer, Bondage, Bedroom Death Scene, Consensual Sex, Consensual Blow Job, Live Sex Turn Live Rape, Death by Hand Strangulation, Neck Bruises, Death Stare, Death Twitches, Fondling, Undressin

The saga with superstar quarterback Tony Garrett continues when her agent, who just happens to be Tonyӳ agent, directs an actress to the starӳ home. Instructed to keep his location and their meeting a secret, she easily agrees, unknowingly sealing her fate. They meet, they kiss, they fuck before Tony has her tied up in his bed spread eagle. He begins to fuck her then wraps his strong, athletic hands around her small neck and begins to strangle her to death. Her eyes are filled with confusion then fear as she tries to free herself. She is no match for Tony who watches the life slowly drain from her eyes. Once she is dead, he splits her pussy with his hard cock and fucks her before blowing a huge load all over her body. Itӳ a touchdown as far as Tony is concerned.

File Name: Psycho-Thrillers-Crazy_Bitches 3.wmv
Duration: 17min 40s
File Size: 1.13 GB
Resolution: 1440x1080


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