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Default Acceptance - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality, Enema, Necrophilia, Rape

Acceptance - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality, Enema, Necrophilia, Rape

One woman, one heartwarming lesson, five gorrilas
As i begin to write this story i hope that my experience not only lessens your prejudice, but also the gap between our species.
-Mr. Kong

I remember the day of the occurrence very clearly, as if it happened recently, even though it happened earlier today. It was a hot, Wednesday in the amazon forest. I know it was wensday because it was casual Wednesday down at the office. The humid air forced us to shove cool bananas up our asses to beat the heat.

I was traveling with my four comrades, V.G. otherwise known as Vanilla Gorilla, The Jackson Brothers Tyrone and Shantwan, and Kelvin the retarded ass gorilla. It was mating season and all of us, with the exception of VG being the silver back, have not mated and were in a heat that would make the sun seem like a pissed off lesbian's stare, cold. That is when we came across her, a human. She was tired and drenched from sweat from her journey, she was wearing what appeared to be a uniform that we recognized from a local banana farm. She wasn't anything special for a gorilla, hardly any body hair, but her hair had the same color and allure as a banana. She had sat down to rest under the banana tree we were hanging out at.

"LOL like totally let's rape this beotch" said Shantwan

"Hell yea nigga lets do it! Ima rape her like a banana! " replied his brother.

"The probability of rape is 100%" said I.

Kelvin and VG said nothing, VG being too cool to speak and Kelvin just being too damn retarded even for a gorilla.

We all jumped down and proceeded to converge on our startled target. We each grabbed an appendage with one hand, a banana for energy with the other, and proceeded to jack off with our feet. Kelvin almost immediately came on our new acquaintance while the others began to peel the clothes off her, strangely like we peel the skin from a banana. She started screaming and struggling, which is the sign of acceptance in our culture.

"Leave me be gorillas who rape! or at least get this down on video tape!" screamed the banana haired woman.

"Man like wtf is this bitch saying" asked Shantwan.

I being a scholar in our society have studied the language of the humans.

"According to my studies, she said that she expressively wishes for us to implant our seed into her". I explained to my comrades.

"I have mated with chimpanzees that are more attractive than this human!!!!" roared VG.

"But she also stated that she will pay us more then our weight in bananas!!!" I rebuttled.

The very second i finished that statement VG threw her onto the ground and lifted her legs, slid one of his enormous toes into her sweat drenched banana hole and continued to jack off with his other foot.

"Oh gorillas please desist, else my boyfriend will be pissed!" yelped the banana haired girl.

"I believe she said that she requests we insert a banana into her ass otherwise known as a banenema" I suggested.

At which point Kelvin, with a speed and skill we have never witnessed from him before, grabbed a banana from the adjacent tree and threw it directly into her ass.

VG, who never really got along with Kelvin after the day he slept with his cousin, which was an atrocity in our culture because VG had dibs on her first, couldn't but gaze into the banana stuffed asshole which Kelvin so skillfully prepared. He stopped jacking off in order to high five Kelvin. We were all stunned at this brotherly gesture and this motivated us to sacrifice our dignity in order to fulfill what has been requested of us.

The Jackson brothers proceeded to take an ear each and insert their famous banana shaped dicks for which the Jackson brothers are praised inwards. I on the other hand, proceed to take my plantain and thrust it into her moist, warm, mouth.

We began to clap our feet and thrust inside her in unison. The mating season had brought conflict and dissent in our group. But as we pumped into her bleeding orrifices i began to feel as if we were bonding again.

We drenched her inards with our banana flavored cum and proceeded to high five each other.

"Never have I felt such pain, I think theres cum in my fucking brain" coughed the banana haired girl.

"She said that she lied about the bananas!" I exclaimed.


So they proceeded to wrap her up in a banana leaf and threw her into the river which Kelvin said would send her up the waterfall but instead it sent her down the river and into a crocodile's mouth.

"Kelvin, your are singlehandedly the most goddamn retradedest stupidass i have ever motherfucking seen" said VG.

Ever since that day, the occurence between Kelvin and VG seemed to spread throughout the group and even though that woman cheated us out of bananas. She gave us something much more valuable, acceptance.
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