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Default naruko and the brothel chp - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Prostitution

naruko and the brothel chp - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Prostitution

Following the removal of Godaime Mizukage and the disappearance of two of his friends, Naruto goes to work in a brothel under the guise of Naruko to solve this puzzle.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters. I do not make money from writing this story

Chapter 5: Discovering her new friends

It had been a week that had happened to Naruko Nami and had become a prostitute. She had no memory happier than those she had made this week. She had come very quickly to consider others as prostitutes family, each had their quirks that made them unique and attractive, and therefore adapted very well. Once this is finished, she would settle here. Moreover she had become very close to Yuuko and Sheele with which it was literally attached to the hip, eating, kissing ... therefore doing everything together. She especially loved their friendly rivalry when they were throwing insults, came into competition to see who could kiss the most boys ... She would have liked to know the source of their rivalry but when asked Yuuko gave him a seductive smile that was ashamed and wet her panties while Sheele was a perfect imitation in any point Hinata ... weird.

Moreover, Kurenai was hired there three days but stayed away, supposedly to avoid creating links that could get in the realization of the mission. To this Naruko shook his head in disappointment, to each of missions outside Konoha, Naruko had as a priority objective other than the mission, discover new things and make friends. She liked Kurenai, but with such a prude mind it was not surprising that she seems to have a broom in the ass. As nice as it should be, have a 24 hours 24 must be difficult after a while. In addition she was forced to play the comedy by pretending to everyone that she had just met her, it was more difficult, there had been few times when his cover had nearly jump. But today Yuuko had commandeered to show him something, so here she was being pulled by the hand through all the mess.

Yuuko Naruko brought to show him one of the facets of the brothel, she was really excited to show the extent of his talent na-chan. At this moment she descended the stairs leading to the basement where the party unfold is. She wanted to show him what she could do and how much she could please. In this video she had put a white shirt whose buttons seemed almost to exhibit in an effort to contain two huge bumps on the inside, jeans and white tights. She was going to give the best of herself, she expected nothing less of her with Naruko as a spectator. Then Naruko be amazed by his talent and ask her lessons, she would take him away in the bathroom a pretext training. Although there will be heard scented candles, bath prepared with essential oils ... Hey there, she begins to grope Naruko. She could already imagine the scene. "No Yuuko-sama, we can not do that," "Do not worry Na-chan, I'll be brutal. "" If Yuuko-sama is brutal with me, so I think I can allow him to make me what she wants. "She could already imagine the air that will make lovely shy Naruko, feeling the walls of her pussy on his fingers, his mouth on her pussy, the Special dildo she kept for special occasions dividing beautiful ass in two Naruko ... Hey, who are you to judge? Even whores have the right to have romantic moments!

In the real world, Naruko beginning to be afraid, Yuuko bring in a dark place and started to laugh a scary way and ... is she drooled?

"Uh, cow, are you okay? "This seemed to bring Yuuko to reality, Naruko preferred to erase the image she had of Yuuko there few seconds. It was safer for his sanity, into the head of Yuuko could be harmful to her, she was perfectly sane, its male part seemed to agree with her. On his thoughts wise Naruko nodded in agreement with itself. They did it may not say talk to her second personality was not sign of being sane?

"Today Naruko I will turn in a movie and I want you to observe what can your nee-san! "Naruko cast a glance excited to see how he was doing and a little apprehensive, remembering his first and only experience as an actress.

"And again for each film, by its nature can be paid 50,000 yen to 1,000,000! "Is it or is it that Yuuko's eyes turned into yen by saying this? Besides that, she thought with one hour of shooting and fun it could potentially earn more than a mission rank S. Imagine all ramen, sexual tools and clothes she could buy with sent in a rush fantasies. They noticed no way that they crossed Saeko who hastily jumped aside to avoid seeing their expressions thinking that Yuuko had corrupted Naruko. Following this experience, she rushed out of ten men to fuck until exhaustion in an effort to forget this, see Yuuko drooled with yen instead of the eyes while she drooled Naruko also with blood dripping nose that seemed to wander like ghosts was terrifying, even for seasoned swordsman she was.

Once arriving at the cellar Yuuko Jarvis presented it to the producer before disappearing behind a door. Jarvis took him to another door giving him a warning.

"No matter what you're gonna see, do not panic. Yuuko is a pro, she did worse to face. "

The entire video shoot was done in a room in the basement of the brothel next to the wine cellar, Naruko spotted five parts to have similar uses. Although not reassured by the words of Jarvis, she followed him in a room. Of course, Yuuko was the only woman participating with it was a dozen sexy men, their hard cock toward the ceiling and hungry for a hole to penetrate.

Naruko looked behind the scenes, next to the cameraman who were eager to have the best angle. In the middle of the cellar was an old filthy mattress. A string on the wall nearby, with chains attached to each end. A big cracked mirror remained stalled nearby. There was another mirror in the ceiling above the mattress. Instruments of torture was on the wall, a ball-gag, whips, hoods, along with huge dildos and a few plugs. It was really a dark, dirty, leaving some feeling unwell.

As the cameras began to walk, Yuuko was brought into the room. Two men carried her by grabbing her arms, holding her two ankles. The rest of the men stood around the mattress, waiting for her. Someone grabbed a roll of duct tape and put it over his mouth. His amber eyes looking Naruko through the crowd of men. But she could not see beyond the male actors who were now to push down on the mattress and hinder his wrists and ankles with rusty chains hanging on the wall. Each man had a white mask on his face and bare forestay. Their cocks were instantly hard, each at least 25 centimeters long.

One of the men took a pair of scissors, while two others held her toned legs wide open, he cut jeans that hid his crotch of her tights and panties to reveal her perfectly bald, pink pussy slit. The men nodded and murmured with approval at the sight of her tight pussy while wanking their cocks in erections. Yuuko kept trying to give kicking and screaming in the tape that their fingers began to push and lift her slender body. Naruko shuddered, her pussy started having wet in anticipation of the suite. Her friend put in a convincing performance to date.

Then the white shirt was buttoned to Yuuko was savagely ripped, exposing her bra in cotton and flat stomach. The men began to drool almost seeing the glorious mountains of Yuuko. The man with the scissors took large chunks of her bra right on the nipples, leaving her little pink buds exposed for the hungry crowd of men. They touched his body everywhere, pulling its members in all directions, slap her with their cocks and hands. One man even rubbed his turgid cock on her feet as she struggled. Cameramen were getting everything practically salivating with excitement. Naruko proudly observing the intense scene with a sense of envy.

Soon, the remaining shreds of Yuuko panties were torn from his body. The first man stepped between his legs, his cock in hand. Yuuko stared, really hungry at the sight of the man and his dick 27 centimeters. He rubbed the head of his bulbous glans and his staff throughout its outer lips, really sigh with satisfaction to the feel of the silky flesh of her pussy. Then he put his hands on the mattress next to his body, his hips find hers, his hard cock in his steel poking gentle sex, wet Yuuko's heart beat, she knew was imminent penetration without foreplay or even any lubricant in advance. But she hoped her excitement begin to flow from her pussy help facilitate penetration

The man astride her thighs groaned loudly, pressing his penis in the warm flesh of her pussy. His big, shaven balls hanging as he thrust his cock into the tight hole Yuuko. His grunts echoed off the walls, sounding like an animal. Yuuko screamed in his tape, solid pole stabbing pain in his lubricated pussy. The camera zoomed in to catch the petals of Yuuko pussy is separated, then spreading painfully than the thick rod plunged inward. Her bra was torn off, leaving her huge breasts exposed to marauding big hands. Hands snatched her hair in all directions. Tears ran down her face. Her moans could be heard through the duct tape. Naruko did not know that Yuuko had such a talented actress!

The actor to kiss, growled again as he pushed his hips powerfully, forcing even 5 centimeters of its meat inside the tight hole. He had fucked many pussies, but it was one of the tightest it penetrated! Half of its tail was in it now. The men crowded around, pulling her pink nipples and hard, and put him in the face with their cocks streaming of pre-cum on her face and even her eyes. Her legs were spread apart so that the player can fully penetrate her pussy. He pushed steadily until finally his balls were pressed against her. Yuuko be debated so manic on the mattress, screaming in the tape.

The cameraman filmed some good minutes cock penetrating the hole of the girl, his cock plunging deep balls so he can only withdraw up to the point and slam inside her. He shouted again and again how tight her pussy was. Yuuko moaned helplessly, his body subjected to rough treatment, her ankles and wrist locked in the cold iron handcuffs. Some of the men wiped their dick on her face, using her tears for the lubricant so they can wank their harder erections while watching it being hammered. Jasper nodded, very pleased so far. Then he gave the signal for the actor to ejaculate in pussy Yuuko. All cameras focused on the base of the pole, capturing the thick throbbing shaft. Shook his balls, his cock in pussy explosion Yuuko. He moans like crazy, gripping her hips tightly. An abundant load of cum had been filed across the channel length of her pussy.

He came out, his cock a bright red color with a sperm frosting on it. He wiped his dick on the slot Yuuko and pulled away for the next guy. The zoom camera on her pussy rose petals fold on themselves after the big cock withdrew. Then the next actor stood and pressed his penis on her pussy, taking her hips in his hands. He grunted, his cock tight pussy thick separating walls Yuuko. She threw her head from one side to the other, his deaf "No, no, no" still audible under tape. His brown hair was tangled up with tears and sweat.

Butch Yuuko's legs folded up, pushing his cock completely inside his hole until his balls were pressed against her buttocks. He looked deeply into his amber eyes as he then began plunging rapidly in and out of her pussy, boosting like a machine, its obscene noise of skin slapping on skin echoing off the walls of the basement. Yuuko huge breasts bounced with each hip manic blow. Naruko's pussy was so wet as she watched Yuuko bent and hammered hard. The actor nailed upon the mattress. One of the men took the opportunity to sit on his face, rubbing his balls on his cheeks and chin and forehead and eyes.

Jarvis gave the signal a few minutes later, while the legs of the girl have been folded high above his head, his legs pulling the strings. His face was red and wet with sweat and tears. The cock of the actor was buried in the belly of Yuuko when his balls were tight and exploded, sending torrents of sperm into his hole. He screamed loudly and then grunted, and finally his breath caught, looking straight into the eyes of Yuuko while his cock discharged a large amount of sperm deep inside her womb. His cock pulsed to a stop a minute later, his last oozing cum small balls. Yuuko was out of breath, his little uplift breasts. She looked away, eyes in tears, pleading with the men around her, though nobody knew whether it was through asking or requesting more, and then his gaze moving to the mirror above it. The man in her pussy thrust his hips hard again with a grunt.

A long string of cum clinging pussy Yuuko on the head of the cock of the actor after he drew from its depths. The next man stepped forward leaving him no respite. She continued to struggle on the mat, shaking his head, his mouth muffled by the tape. This actor went by the name Tepes stone, and boasted a nearly 30 centimeter dick and as thick as her wrist! He was a black man over 2 meters with huge muscles, a cock to the knees, not to mention giant balls. Yuuko easily eclipsed his body flat on the bed under him. Yuuko kept shouting in his gag. Peter let out a sinister laugh as he forced down his rod stabbed in his smooth hole.

Jarvis wanted to get lots of pictures of this impressive cock in little pink hole. First, he had Peter fuck her missionary style for several minutes while two men held her legs wide open. Jarvis told him to penetrate deep, hard and fast without mercy, like a savage. Pierre put his hands on her throat, pretending to shake like Yuuko threw his head from side to side. The big cock plunged noisily in and out of Yuuko juicy pussy, her huge balls hitting wildly against her thighs and buttocks. His giant black pole and balls were a stark contrast to the pale skin of Yuuko and her pink pussy. Previous sperm shipments that had been deposited in the belly of Yuuko were now fleeing out of his hole and down into the slit of her ass.

Naruko looked mouth open pussy Yuuko trying to adapt to the monster in it, his fingers had long since disappeared into his pants soaked with her juices in an effort to satisfy his lust rising. Most men and cameraman threw to look at it in the process of masturbating but he seemed reserved for Yuuko to his great annoyance. Unfortunately as she had learned, his fingers were not sufficient to allow him the long-awaited Nirvana. She bit her lip in a pout cute to try to attract men to fuck their cocks in her tight little pussy just waiting for it.

Unfortunately, the next four guys kissed his still sore ass penetration shooting him sobbing in pain, they twisted his body in a multitude of positions. There were lots of close ups of her large amber eyes full of tears and her breasts that kept shaking and started milk, the milk flowing on the mattress joining sperm and love juice. Each penetration of drops of sperm escape from its holes. Her anus was much more relaxed after some hard Anal Dog Sex penetration and sperm deposits in his colon. Then a guy pulled out the body of Yuuko on him, impaling her asshole on his spear of 26 centimeters, with her sitting across from him. The tape still covering his mouth, his face red and sweaty and wet with tears, eyes wide in surprise.

The actor immediately begin to bounce up and down on his cock for a minute before another actor, stood between her spread thighs. Yuuko's blue eyes grew even wider because the man before she prepared to enter her free hole. Her muffled cries echoed through the basement as he plunged his cock thirty centimeter hitting his collar in one thrust.

Naruko's eyes widened to see for the first time a double penetration, Yuuko was now full of cock, certainly more than his body could handle the sight of his two huge dick enlarge the holes of her friend was incredible. Naruko furiously fingering pussy that was in the open, his trousers are on his knees

Actor # 1 groaned loudly, enjoying the constriction pussy Yuuko while the tail of the other guy was buried in her ass. Yuuko's body was crushed between guys like Actor # 1 began pushing hard in and out of her pussy. Actor # 2 was still in her ass hole, leaving his cock balls-deep in her trademark rectum, leaving Actor number 1 do all the work. Actor # 1 brutally fucked the girl. He had always liked girls with curves well developed, and the fucking beat all records. He was really turned on by his body and beautiful hair. He resisted for several minutes, working in her pussy until it's sweaty body taking advantage of this sex goddess. Yuuko kept shouting in the gag, his body barely visible under the muscular man on it. Only his thin legs and feet were leaving the confused pile of bodies on the soiled mattress. It was not small, even quite large, but compared to these mountains of muscle and testosterone it was tiny. The men grunted their intense efforts, delighted by this magical moment.

Actor # 2 began to kiss her asshole until the men were rhythmically sawing in and out of her holes. Sperm continued to flow ass Yuuko with wild penetration. There was a giant wet spot on the bed all the loads of cum escape his holes. Naruko had managed to find a man in need of liberation, she unzipped the jeans cameraman and started to suck it with our eyes fixed on Yuuko. She found herself mesmerized by the sight of her friend being dominated by so many men.

The men took Yuuko sandwich that seemed not to want to get off his recent orgasm. She closed her eyes tightly, squeezing its members men, an orgasm waves crashing on his body. Nobody could hear her moans under a gag order. Although she did not like Anal Dog Sex, double penetrations she loved the perfectly managed to pain and pleasure mixed in it. The feeling of being full of dick who handled her holes starved slut was beautiful, the pain she felt from her ass happening in the background.

The men did not notice her orgasm, they were too focused on the fact destroy her pussy and ass like animals. The actor number 1 noticed her apparent pussy for more moist, but he put that aside. After all it matter if the whore had enjoyed? Only his pleasure was important, not that of this toy. He continued to fuck her brutally, mercilessly, intensely, with no signs of slowing. Below, the No. 2 player worked hard to meet the actor number 1, it was crushed under the pile of flesh, too. The chains that were chained to Yuuko wrists jingled loudly with each thrust.

Jarvis gave the acting signal number 1 and number 2 player to shoot their loads simultaneously in the holes of the whore. Men need to coordinate with each other, and it seemed Actor # 1 wanted to keep moving. Cameras zoomed in on Yuuko notch, capturing her pussy opened by breaking the thick cock of the actor number 1 and her asshole stretched around the thick cock of the actor Actor number 2. Number 2 was ready to cum, his aching balls was painful in the desire to unload its cargo in the gut of the bitch. Finally he cried actor number 1 was spirited to enjoy. He was always on top of the body of Yuuko, shaking and growling at each cumshot who shot deep into her pussy. Actor # 2 groaned, zoom cameras on the veins of his cock buried in her rectum as he ejaculated sperm torrent in his guts. Yuuko screaming in the gag, feel cocks entered simultaneously erupting in it. Although Naruko could not tell if Yuuko due to the gag screaming of happiness or pleasure despite that lashed her body remembered simulate rape and therefore was screaming in pain. Everyone could see streams of milk being evicted from her breasts.

Actor # 1 pulled his dick suddenly and immediately sprung sperm flood of her pussy. The cameramen were everywhere. Another actor walked to the mattress and pulled Yuuko by the arms, pulling her out of the cock of the actor number 2. He pulled on him as he lay on his back, his cock sinking in her pussy. The sound of her pussy was fucked echoed with every shot. His pink ass hole opened with bubbling white cream flowing out of it. The sperm formed scabs on her thighs, buttocks and back while the mattress on which it rested was soaked with her juices, semen and milk.

Yuuko shouted, feeling another man behind her pushing his tool into her asshole. She could feel 30 centimeters of meat that was thicker than his wrist forcing her sphincter and brutally raping her Anal Dog Sex pass. He then plunged into his rectum at once without additional warning. His guttural cries intensified, this time it was not simulated, the monster behind it was an unreasonable amount of force and sadism. Although his sphincter had been loosened by multiple fuck he sustained an intruder of this size would have struggled to get in and the pain she felt was really intense, she discussed the possible actually crying. The cameraman zooms in on her face, capturing her reaction that hard cock penetrated its depths. She continued to cry in the tape. A mixture of tears, snots, love juice and sperm were tangled in her brown hair, her face now almost purple from screaming and crying. She looked straight into the camera with her blue eyes filled with tears. The cameras are then focus on its rear holes that were become so loose they were open obscenely, so incredibly packed to the brim with meat. Even through his excitement and sensation of a second filler filled his mouth, Naruko was concerned about the state of his friend, the sphincter Yuuko was clearly open beyond its limit, blood pouring from its edges mixing with sperm. Despite this, she continued to suck his third camera, the other two having enjoyed in his greedy mouth.

The new player has kept a steady pace hard in her pussy, but the monster tore her ass with his giant pole. He kept his big hands on his hips, spreading her buttocks to get to go as deeply into it as possible. The crowd of men watching obscenity encouraged to destroy the monster's ass Yuuko. Naruko cringed at the sight behind the scenes, sometimes diverted by the sight of the spread of Yuuko asshole. Yuuko was quite large, but the hand of the monster was the size of the cheeks of her buttocks. He squeezed her ass fingered and pushing like an animal. Finally the actor in her pussy held his load, but the monster sprang his sperm in the ass Yuuko few minutes later. Sperm flowed over the holes Yuuko, so now flooded with a dozen loads of cum. Cameramen crowded around to capture the cock that was unloading at least a pint of semen which joined sperm charges inside holes Yuuko. The men groaned wildly. "Take that bitch!" Shouted one of the men who watch the monster filling the hole with his Yuuko cream. "You have billions and billions of sperm inside now!" The face was Yuuko covered with tears, snot, sweat and had taken a dangerous shade of purple. She moaned defeat. More sperm pellet leaking of its holes as he removed his cock deflated and stepped back.

Jarvis headed Naruko and took her by the hand leading to the cameras. Naruko took it momentarily confused. Then she realized Jarvis offered him a chance to join the film and sucking the delicious sperm Yuuko holes on camera. The cameramen were focused on capturing the sudden jet of sperm that gushes from the pussy and ass Yuuko when the monster and the actor eventually withdrew their giant cocks out of her. Then they expanded its smooth and quivering pussy and her asshole that seemed torn. Yuuko moaned and writhed on the mattress soaked in semen. The men pushed Yuuko on his back as Naruko started on all fours to get between her legs.

Then Jarvis had thrown on his stomach to Yuuko that Peter can kiss doggie, pounding her into the mattress. The camera zooms in on the cock plunging deep inside her pussy Yuuko. His face was buried in the filthy mattress, no doubt that this was not the first shooting of the mattress and he had countless times was soaked in sexual fluids without ever being washed. Pierre was holding her hair with his fists, his hips bucking wildly, filling to the brim with the meat of his cock. They were filming the process of being fucked hard while she was face down, a portrait of his true submission to the giant cock that distorted his belly. The cries stifled Yuuko echo throughout the basement, mixed with stone grunts and lewd sound of his thick cock penetrating her smooth hole. The camera zoom on the tears streaming down her red cheeks.

Pierre was pounding her pussy from behind, burying the entire length of his giant cock into its depths and wildly out again like a machine. The powerful penetration continued a few more minutes, moving cameras on any stage, writhing body Yuuko at break of her pussy opened with a bite to the file of men crowding around her. Finally Pierre shouted he would enjoy his cock lodged deep in the belly of Yuuko. The walls of her pussy were still tight around his cock fucked her inside. His pulse tail, thick ropes of cum shot from his cock directly into his collar. Yuuko moaned into his gag, feeling the massive dick exploded inside her. He growled, pressing his hips hard as he inseminated. Yuuko sighed with satisfaction as he felt the huge load of cum join one that was in her womb.

Despite the talents of actress Yuuko, Naruko knew enough to see how much she enjoyed the brutal sex to which she was subjected, her pussy dripping with her juices mingled sperm of men having already fucked on the mattress . His hand was rubbing her clit furiously in a futile attempt to meet, periodically she licked her lips in envy hoping that after they finished with Yuuko would remain in their sperm balls for her.

Peter pulled out his tail beat as he was still enjoying, leaving a trail of sperm throughout her vagina. Outbreaks remaining bright white sperm were shot directly into the crack of her ass. His slot crafted after its tail completely withdraws, small balls sperm trickling down. The next guy up was called Jake the Ripper, pushed Yuuko's face in the mattress, keeping her ass in the air. Its tail 28 cm away moist lips and easily slipped inside her. Yuuko screamed, but her screams were muffled by both the tape and the mattress. After a minute of deep, slow penetration difficult, Jake pulled his dick stained sperm pussy Yuuko and began to push it up the ass Yuuko leaving no imagination where this huge boom was about to enter. Everyone has heard the cries of Yuuko despite the strong and clear tape.

Naruko winced in sympathy when he heard the change in tone of Yuuko, she did not play the comedy for that. Grimacing, she rubbed her buttocks as he remembered the pain of Jiraiya kissing there. Anal Dog Sex sex was great, but as big things that were pushed inside the guts were extremely painful.

The men held his body again as Jake entered his asshole. He spread his buttocks, brutally crushing his hands, the head of his cock against his hole. Jake growled, determined to demolish the anus of the girl under him. The cameras captured the valiant struggle sphincter Yuuko has thick penis against Jake. But Jake's cock was way too hard and strong to lose the fight. He thrust his hips, keeping his buttocks apart, determined to impale his rectum with his cock. Jake felt his asshole finally starting to give way, succumbing to his powerful penis. Its flowing rod within its depths, splitting in two of his anus. Yuuko screaming wildly. Naruko cringed at the sight.

They held down while Jake continued to drive a little more of its meat in her tight asshole. The cameraman rushed to film the bloody orifice be opened and by something more like a baseball bat to a human bite. Jake gave a little further, half of his cock inside the asshole Yuuko now. He moaned to the restriction of tight walls stifling his rod. Jake gasped in surprise. He did not enjoy, but her orgasm was impossible to contain with the butt of this goddess clutching his dick. Quickly, he reported that he was about to cum, and camera to capture zoomerent his pulsating dick, the party had not been buried in his colon. His cock stirred, then broke in the ass Yuuko, flooding her bowels with sperm. Yuuko sighed in relief as he felt the man behind her enjoy signing the end of his ordeal, she was not a fan of being fucked in the ass and still less by this huge dick

The cameras were wandering around the stage, focusing on every obscene detail. Naruko had a beautiful view of the pussy and ass of Yuuko that were filled with an impossible amount of semen, plus a cat might be expected to take! Twelve charges plus the huge burden of the monster that was indeed a quarter of the total volume in her ass. The holes were Yuuko completely loosened and a regular flow of semen had more sully the mattress on which it rested.

She could see inside the cute pink pussy and colon Yuuko, although the color and flesh were hidden under the huge amount of white sperm that men had pumped strength inside her. Remaining for a moment in the beautiful view in front of her, took a deep Naruko eaten of giving off the smell, the room was invaded by this bestial smell of sex, but being in front of the source, smell and its effects were multiplied by at least 100. The effects on his body soon began to appear, his mouth began to salivate and a steady stream of love juice was expelled from her pussy, her panties are completely soaked with her thighs, she decided to decline. Being on her knees, she did not took the cameras had a perfect view of her ass and pussy through her skirt raised expelling its juice on her panties down to mid-thigh. She could hear the men panting in excitement at the sight, and she had not even started the real show. And if they were excited it was nothing to rate it, this was more than an hour she watched Yuuko get fucked like a cheap whore, and she was not even able to enjoy and no men had wanted to fuck her. This gave a blow to his ego, they had preferred Yuuko kiss her, not that she resented them, Yuuko was as beautiful as a goddess even having created a female body had believed what Yuuko perfect in every thing was even more beautiful. And she did not doubt for a second sexual prowess Yuuko.

Looking up, she was greeted by the two mountains that adorned the chest of Yuuko. For regular intervals, she could see a white liquid being expelled into the air before falling on her breasts and running down her breasts leaving traces whitish.

Focusing on the new cat in front of her, Naruko looked like vulvar Yuuko was divided into two, she gently ran her tongue over the edges, through the clitoris and semen net that flowed. She ran her tongue several times on the banks enjoying the flavor that emanated. In her right hand she used her index finger to go tease the edges of the anus torn Yuuko. She could see some weak body jolts Yuuko following his teasing. Even by attacking her clitoris, she there was little reaction from Yuuko seemed like nirvana after being filled with meat and semen as a simple barrel, and not as a woman. Naruko knew that men did not regard them as thinking beings, more like toys that legs were spread apart and shut up and obey. To be honest she loved it, she wondered if she had been a man, would she be like the men in the room, thinking just fuck his cock in juicy holes in front of him and fulfill their uterus Sperm? Or would it still be subject to men and women?

While thinking this, Naruko buried his mouth and nose into the gaping pussy licking Yuuko like a slut sperm that had not yet run, enjoying the smell that emanated from the sweet smell of the cat and excitement Yuuko mingling with the smell of semen bestial men who had enjoyed in it, while doing that she used her index finger to stroke circle the edges of the anus Yuuko, performing these actions she had an unobstructed view of both ui white mountain adorned the chest Yuuko. Naruko felt his friend shudder of pleasure to these abuses. Continuing and enjoying the frozen flowed gently down her throat while lapping Naruko brought his free hand while remaining in this position thanks to his elbow above his head and pinched the clitoris swollen Yuuko. She immediately felt Yuuko tense and his breathing become choppy due to its agencies on the clitoris defenseless.

She maintained this position for several minutes, trying in vain to reduce the huge amount of semen Yuuko had been filled, and despite all his efforts it did not feel a decrease in the flow of sperm flowing Yuuko channel. Before she could continue to repaitre sperm in front of her, she felt hands grab her thighs and pulled the feast before her despite her protests

Jarvis then gave a further signal to one of the actors. The man disappeared for a few minutes. Naruko wondered what followed, grumbling. She thought the scene was ending now. Yuuko tried to get up suites to the pleasures she had offered him on the mattress on his hands and knees, her ass in the air, sperm leaking constantly from their hiding despite his efforts to suck most possible. Every time she tried to peel the adhesive tape off her mouth, big hands painfully struck his ass. The cocks were still difficult, despite having discharged their cargo Yuuko. Naruko then heard footsteps in the dark sign that Jarvis returned in the dingy basement. She also thought she heard something else, a gasp, and the sound of claws clicking on the cement floor? His jaw dropped when the man came into view. He was holding a leash attached to a massive black dog taller than she or Yuuko! It was as big as Kuromaru.

It seemed the excitement in the room has reached its climax. The chatter of the crowd exceeded the noise of the shout Yuuko as she looked over her shoulder and saw the dog. She rose from the mattress, semen flowing down her legs, and fought against its chains producing interesti
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